PolylineVolume throw Cartesian3

Hey there,
Is there a way to add a polylineVolume where the shape have Cartesian3 coordinates ? If not what would be the best way to convert them to Cartesian2 ?

For example i would like to create a polylineVolume here. The green points would be the positions of the line, and the red points the shapes.

I’m stuck on this, any advise could help me a lot !

Thanks !

So here I am at the moment : Sandcastle demo

The idea is :

  • Find a best fit plane for my points
  • Project my points on it
  • Get a local transformation to have a 2D space (here would be east and north)

But here i should then have west coordinates that should all be the same, but is it not the case… :thinking:

Help ! :kissing: