problem when displaying my KML file in CesiumViewer using Firefox

Dear Cesium-Team,

I tired to drag and drop my KML file onto the CesiumViewer with FireFox (version 39.0). All geometries can be displayed, however they were wrongly rendered with white color.
But, everything works fine in Google Chrome.

The weblink of the CesiumViewer which I was using is:

My KML file is available via the dropbox-link below:

I'd appreciate if you could look into this issue.


Thanks for the bug report and sample data. I can also reproduce this on my end as well and opened an issue in Cesium: My initial guess is that this is actually a Firefox WebGL implementation bug, but we’ll need to look into more to confirm (and if necessary we’ll open a bug report with Mozilla).

Thanks again.

Hi Matthew,

Thank you very much for your reply.

Today, I've noticed another issue when trying to load my KML-file into Cesium Viewer. This issue occurred even in Google Chrome.

via the following dropbox-link you can download the KML sample building data.

This KML-File can be correctly visualized in Google Earth. However, in Cesium Viewer you can see some small gaps on the roof and wall surfaces of the building.

It is a possible bug in Cesium?

thanks in advance,


Thanks, I can reproduce that problem as well. I submitted an additional issue so we don’t forget about it. Thanks!

Hi Matthew, thanks very much, I'am looking foward very much to the bugfix.

This issue has been fixed as of Cesium 1.17, it wasn’t in CHANGES because it was unknown at the time. It was actually Cesium’s underlying geometry causing the issue.

Zhihang - #3068 is now fixed in master, which will be released as Cesium 1.29 on January 2. It may also work in older versions.