Problem with compilation Linux

Clone all the Github stuff
Open project in Unity
Open project in Unity
Build native lib

It seems the reinterop command isn’t generating any .h files. I’m using Manjaro and the latest cesium for unity releases, I’m also following the build process manual. If you have any way to fix this, it would be greatly appreciated!


The Reinterop build command doesn’t generate .h files. That happens when Unity builds your project. The most common cause of the problem you’re seeing is that you forgot to build Reinterop before you ran Unity, so Unity “helpfully” deleted the .meta file for the Reinterop DLL. Then you built Reinterop, but now the meta file is missing, so Unity regenerates it but it is missing critical information, so Unity doesn’t know how to use Reinterop properly. Bring back the version of the Reinterop.dll.meta file from the cesium-unity repo, launch Unity, and you’ll probably be good. If not, please post the errors you’re getting.