Reinterop build errors

When attempting to use Cesium for Unity and the quickstart project on an Ubuntu 22 installation, I receive compile errors which all appear related to Reinterop

Library/PackageCache/com.cesium.unity@0.1.1/Runtime/Cesium3DTileset.cs(1,7): error CS0246: The type or namespace name ‘Reinterop’ could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

An earlier thread reported this issue but I saw no obvious resolution on that thread.

Using the same quickstart workflow works on the latest Unit version on a MacBook Pro running Ventura.

This thread suggests no Ubuntu support Windows Build Errors

Are you aware of anyone running your code on Ubuntu 22, or are build from source instructions available ?

The thread you linked has a link to the “build from source” instructions. It’s here.

That thread doesn’t appear to me to have anything to do with Linux. It’s talking about HoloLens2 and Universal Windows Platform. Linux is not officially supported, but we’ve built it successfully ourselves in the past and have also heard of users compiling it themselves and using it successfully. It may not work out of the box (we don’t test new versions on Linux regularly), but hopefully it will only need minor changes to be made to work.

From the error you posted, though, it appears you’re using a very old version of Cesium for Unity (v0.1.1), which is close to 6 months old. We released v1.2.0 yesterday.