ProjectAnywhereXR cannot be run

I’m trying to use Unreal and Cesium to make a HoloLens application. When I used ProjectAnywhereXR to create the project, I found that there were errors in the calls in two places. They include:

  1. In the Hide2DCredits function in BP_AnywhereXRPlayerController, try to call the ScreenCreditsObj attribute of CesiumCreditSystemBP;

  2. In the OnCreditSystemChanged function in BP_DataAttribution, try to call the Credits attribute of CreditSystem;

It seems that these two data have disappeared with the version update. So what should I do to make them run normally?

Can you describe how you’re creating the project? ProjectAnywhereXR was developed for Unreal Engine 4.27, so it may break when opened with Unreal Engine 5.0+.

I have the same question,The version of Unreal Engine is 4.27.I download the project from market