Project Anywhere - packaging


When in editor I am able to view the project on Hololens2 via Holographic Streaming. As I understand Project Anywhere XR does not package for the HL2 at this juncture. When I package for windows how do I get it to work in the HoloLens? It seems not to function with holographic streaming, what am I missing can someone please elaborate a bit more on that process? Thanks!


Did you ever get this working? For me I cant even stream from the editor. Connecting through project settings>Windows Mixed Reality just says connecting on the HL2 but it never connects.
If I try to build for windows I get the error:
CesiumGeospatial/Ellipsoid.h(105): error C2143: syntax error: missing ‘;’ before ‘<’

I followed


Did you download the holographic remote app on the hololens?

Yes. I ended up deleting everything and reinstalling. The error still shows up when trying to build for windows and I’m not sure how to build for ARM64. It seems that’s not a currently documented option, but I did get the streaming working after reinstalling the project in Unreal.

I finally figured it out. You have build the project for Windows and run the exe. in command prompt with this command. using your own cd and device ip. start the HoloLens streaming in device first.


Well done I however can’t do this as it wont build for windows do to the error
" …CesiumGeospatial/Ellipsoid.h(105): error C2143: syntax error: missing ‘;’ before ‘<’ "
Once I get past that error I will try your command line solution. Thank you very much.

Hey @Giantbean,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Can you try using a different version of the plugin?
You can download a .zip for your engine version here.
In your project folder, find the folder called “Plugins” (If it doesn’t exist, you can create a new folder and name it Plugins). Extract the plugin you downloaded to that folder and try re-opening the project and re-building.
Note that if you have saved the map while plugin version 1.7 was installed, you may not be able to open the map after changing the plugin version. If that’s the case, try the above with a new copy of the project.

Let me know if this helps!