Does this plugin support HoloLens platform packaging?

Greetings, I wish to move Cesium to the HoloLens2, but the packaging fails like the previous Android platform :sob:


Can you provide more information about the packaging failure? I’ve created an issue for this here - Hololens build failure · Issue #502 · CesiumGS/cesium-unreal · GitHub

If you are able to, please post any logs or replication instructions so we can take a closer look at this problem.

Hello, @agallegos , thank you for your reply. I don’t know why the package failed before. The strange thing is that I can successfully package this time. Although there are some warnings, the installation package cannot be launched on the Hololens2 device after installation. The application will always be like the loading status is the same as the picture below.

However, I can use the Holographic remoting (Streaming in Unreal) technology provided by UE4 and start my application in VR preview mode. This method can see the effect as shown in the figure below on the Hololens2 device, and I will post my packaging record in the link you provided, thank you.

Thank you for following up! I’m going to amend the issue to reflect that the problem is now in launching the package after installation. Now that you are able to package, are you experiencing something similar to this user? Cesium content not working on Hololens 2

I suspect we are going to need to do more testing to be able to figure out the source of this problem, and we may not be able to get to HoloLens testing immediately. In the meantime, if you encounter any similar issues or find an error message, please add them to the Github issue as well.

Thanks again,

It seems to me that you are having quite similar problems with Cesium and HoloLens as I do. I have had no problems packaging the app for HoloLens, but the app does not start if the Cesium world Terrain object is at the default game level. Like yours, my app runs fine in VR preview with or without the Cesium World Terrain.

The same here, I had to package for hololens with the UE4 source code, but after install the app on the device this never ends to load. Some progress with this issue? Some workaround? Any help is greatly appreciated