Cesium content not working on Hololens 2

I have recently started an Unreal Engine 4.26 project for Hololens 2 that uses the Cesium plugin to produce a 3d map of the surroundings of a location specified by longitude and latitude. So far, I have managed to set up Cesium configuration the way I want, and it works fine when played in the UE editor. It also works fine when I play it on VR preview or emulated (in the editor). It works as a standalone application on my desktop computer. I have also managed to package it for Hololens and install it on my Hololens 2. BUT it does not run in the real hardware if I use Cesium terrain & imagery at a game level. When I strip those components away, the application works as expected on a real device - just like it does in the editor or emulator. When the Cesium terrain is included, nothing seems to happen (for a long time) after the splash-screen fades away, but after a while, the splash-screen re-appears, but nothing else happens after that.

Hello! Just to make sure I understand, you’ve been able to use the application on the HoloLens 2 when the device is tethered (via VR Preview, so running on PC), but when you try to run the application on the HoloLens itself (untethered), you get a long wait and then a black screen. Is that right?

The first thing I would try is to select the tileset in the level and change its Maximum Screen Space Error (under Level of Detail) to a large value, like 2048. If you have multiple tilesets in the level, reduce it to just one as a start. Let me know if that makes any difference. There may be rendering settings that should be adjusted as well, but I would start with the screen space error.

Hello @Olli_T ,

Does the issue you are experiencing look similar to the issue brought up in this forum post? Does this plugin support HoloLens platform packaging?

An issue has been created on our Github repository for Hololens problems. If you are able to provide any error messages or logs that might indicate a problem, or offer more information about your setup, that would be helpful.

Thank you. That does look like quite a similar issue with Cesium and HoloLens as I have.

It seems I have to clarify my post a bit. I have not had my HoloLens tethered when running the app in VR preview. Instead, I have used my Valve Index HMD. The application is meant for HoloLens, though; I have just tested it in VR ( as AR in HoloLens is not working ) to see how the UI looks and feels in 3D.

Nevertheless, I tried your suggestion it does not help.

Got it, thanks for clarifying. We’re investigating this further and will get back to you once we have an update.