No terrain shown on Hololens 2


I develop an application for the Hololens 2. The terrain works as expected in the editor but when I deploy and run the app on the device no terrain is shown.


Some users recently have been reporting trouble working with HoloLens 2. See this forum post for more - Does this plugin support HoloLens platform packaging? - #4 by agallegos

It sounds like you may be running into a slightly different issue though. To confirm, you are able to deploy and run the app? Is there anything at all on the screen?

Also, have you seen any error messages or logs that might show a problem?

Yes, I can package and deploy the app. I can see and interact with other assets I placed. Only the Cesium World Terrain does not render.

I get no errors in the log.

Just to add some info: It seems to work with Holographic Remoting.


There’s definitely a problem with Hololens 2. We’ve created an issue for it here and are looking into it. If you have any further insight on the problem, please feel free to add to the issue on Github. You can also track updates and discussion on it there.


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