UE5 Failed to pack Hololes

The following problems occur when UE5 packages Hololens:Error: Failed to cook /Game/NewWorld for platform HoloLens. It imports class /Script/CesiumRuntime.Cesium3DTileset, which is in a module that is not available on the platform.

Hi @yangjiahaoTemp,

Cesium for Unreal does not currently support HoloLens.

You may be able to build it for that platform yourself by following the Developer Setup Guide. I’m not aware of anything that should prevent it from working. We haven’t tried it, though, so there will likely be small or large problems along the way.


Hi @Kevin_Ring,

I’m also facing the same issue as @yangjiahaoTemp. I was trying to package my 3dFlightVisualizer application for the HoloLens 2 in UE5. I’ve used Cesium for Unreal plugin to add cesium world terrain, cesium sunsky and cesium OSM buildings in my project. Is your team planing to do work on supporting it? If yes can you give me a timeline for it? If no can we expect in near future your team will take a look on it?

I’m getting this error (Please refer attached snapshot) in unreal engine. If I use unity will it work?

Cesium for Unreal works with HoloLens remoting, but it can’t currently run directly on the device. We don’t have any current plans to address that, but would welcome a pull request if you work on it yourself. I don’t think there should be any major barriers to compiling ceisum-native and Cesium for Unreal for HoloLens. Start with the Developer Setup instructions and adapt for the platform:

Hi @Kevin_Ring,

Thanks for your quick reply. Will packaging application using Cesium for Unity work?

No, the situation is much the same in Cesium for Unity. There’s no reason it can’t be made to work, probably isn’t very hard, but it doesn’t currently work out of the box.