Projecting country flags on Matterhorn mountain

I saw this tweet last week that Switzerland was projecting country flags on Matterhorn mountain in show of solidarity during this pandemic:

I was curious to see what this would look like in Cesium. It was a lot of fun putting this together and projecting different country flags on the mountain, I think it turned out pretty well!

Here’s another screenshot I really liked:

You can play with this yourself in a live demo here: Try clicking Toggle orbit to get a nice fly around the mountain.


If anyone’s interested, source code and instructions on how to customize it here: Projecting flags on Matterhorn mountain - behind the scenes.

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I love the way the projections drape over the terrain!

Doesn’t Georgia play a laser show on their Stone Mountain? (I imagine other places do as well.) Could you create something liek that with an animated projection as well?

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I had no idea about this - that’s a really cool idea! There’s no easy way to create multiple independent light sources like a laser on the mountain, but what I did here is just make the flag image go more transparent depending on the time of day so it looks like it’s “lighting up”.

The instructions I have up there do mention how you can go about changing the view here to a different location if anyone wants to explore that.

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When I went to Switzerland a year ago, I stayed one night in Zermatt but i couldn’t see Matterhorn because of bad weather. It’s very nice to see Matterhorn here. Thank you.


Yeah I was surprised how close the town is to the mountain - I didn’t really get a sense of it until I put together this scene in 3D!