Drapery Peaks: Clojure comes into play

Dear Cesium users and team!

Inspired by Omar’s beautiful show tried to do mine.



Ru, this looks really nice! I love the video.

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I love this @11160! I love how easy it looks to just throw these flags anywhere in the world in this IDE!

Did you have to manually pre-configure all these, or could you just put any lat/lon and see the flag there?

Yes, it is! In this screencast I enter in REPL and evaluate a function call:
(cesium.server/send-czml (czml.generator/add-image “flag” “data/flags/np_flag.png” (cesium.drape/calculate-wsen [[27 59 17] [86 55 31]] 0.01) 128))

Here [[27 59 17] [86 55 31]] is Everest coordinates in a form [longitude latitude], each coord in a form [degrees minutes seconds].

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Sorry, [latitude longitude]

Yet one example connected to geography and history https://youtu.be/dGWTxHik4U4

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Love seeing the Cesium flag in there :smiley:

By the way, we just enabled YouTube embeds on the forum, so you can embed videos like this in posts now!


Great feature! Cesium flag is above all others! :grinning: