Query on WebGL instancing


In Cesium 1.15 blog post it's mentioned that decreased GPU memory usage in BillboardCollection and LabelCollection by using WebGL instancing. Will it be applicable to entities also? I tried loading 5000+ entities with billboards and labels using Cesium 1.15 but I don't see any improvement in memory usage.


Yes, billboard entities are built on top of the BillboardCollection. Do you have the ANGLE_instanced_arrays WebGL extension? If you go to webglreport.com, it would be listed under supported extensions.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your reply. As you said I tried webglreport.com and it's showing
ANGLE_instanced_arrays WebGL extension under supported extensions. I am using IE browser. Will it work on chrome only?


Hi Gowtham,

This will work in IE and all browsers that report supporting the ANGLE_instanced_arrays extension. This saves GPU (or really driver controlled memory) so the memory savings may be for the GPU process, not the browser tab.

For more info, see http://cesiumjs.org/2015/10/28/Billboard-Instancing/