Question about terrain

I have generated some terrain with the python script gdal2srtmtiles.
I have generated the whole world up to level 6 and an island (Tenerife) from 6 to 13...
Why does Cesium only load terrain files up to level 5 or 6 when I am in Tenerife?
Why doesn't load 7-13 tiles when I am at tenerife?

Another question... about terrain provider:
Why 1/5 height exageration..?
and... why the origin heighs are at -1000?

Thanks in advance


Hi Fernando,

I don’t know much about gdal2srtmtiles. Cesium won’t request a deeper-level tile if its parent tile fails to load. For example, if a tile at level 7 is missing, then Cesium will not even try to load that tile’s four children. I’m not sure if that’s what you’re seeing or not. You can use the network debug tab in your browser to see what requests Cesium is making and what response it is getting back.

Regarding the CesiumTerrainProvider, the 1/5 and -1000 are arbitrary decisions to enable the full range of (land) heights on Earth to be encoded using two byte integers with a good amount of precision. The terrain provider reverses this encoding on load, so the terrain displayed reflects the actual height, not the encoded height.