Maximum terrain tiles level of detail.

I’m working on a Quantized Mesh exporter (it transforms “bil” format to simplifiend meshes) and everything seems to works fine except that Cesium stops downloading the quantized meshes at level 14 and then it simply subdivides the existing meshes without adding more detail.

My dataset goes down to level 22 and I adjusted the layer.json metadata to reflect this.

I’m using plain Cesium 1.3 at the moment.

Are there parameters that limits the maximum terrain level detail?


You can try setting the scene.globe.maximumScreenSpaceError to 1 (it defaults to 2):


It sounds like there might be an error in your “availability” property in the layer.json file. Don’t forget that that Y tile coordinate is inverted from the scheme used in Cesium. Tile Y is the southernmost tile in layer.json, not the northernmost as it is in Cesium.

You can also try removing the availability property entirely. Cesium will assume that all tiles are available, at least until it receives a 404 at which point it won’t request any children of the failed tile.