Maximum level of Google 3D tiles

Hi, we’ve noticed that the maximum detail of Google 3D tiles in CesiumJS (and also Cesium Unity) is one lod shy of the maximum detail found in the Google Earth application.

On the left is Google Earth, on the right is Cesium JS. I couldn’t get FOVs to match, but you can see the Cesium tile has lower texture resolution and reduced geometry.

Does anybody know if this a Cesium limit or Google limit, and if it’s a Cesium limit where it can be increased one level higher in either CesiumJS or Cesium Unity?

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maybe try to change the MSSE for Google Tiles?

We started at 16 MSSE and went down to zero with no improvement. From looking at CesiumJS code there appears to be a “max level” we are probably hitting, but I don’t understand the code well enough to debug it yet.

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Hi there,

This is not a CesiumJS-specific limitation, but a restriction on Google Photorealistic 3D Tiles API. Currently Google Earth allows a higher maximum level of detail for this data than in the publicly accessable API.