Google Tiles in Cesium less detailed than Google Earth


Comparing the views in Cesium for Unreal (Google Maps API) with similar views in Google Earth or Google Maps, there is a significant gap in the level of detail that can be seen. It seems that there’s at least one Level of Detail missing (see attached/below).

Is this something that may be fixed? Is Google just not providing that data?

Google Maps:

Cesium for Unreal:

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Hi Warner,

Thanks for reaching out.

You’re right, one level of detail isn’t included in Photorealistic 3D Tiles. We expect Google Maps Platform to share more information about their data as they head into later release stages, but don’t know yet when that will be. Meanwhile, we encourage you to share feedback with them using one of the methods available on their support page.



Hi Lisa,

Thank you - it’s good to have it confirmed, not to waste time chasing down potential technical issues causing this.

Indeed, I wrote a feedback message to their team. With this level of detail the useability of the result is greatly reduced.