Questions about double click on entities

When I double click in a entity, Cesium automatically zooms to this entity, and changes the camera to rotate around the entity.

1 - However I was unable to find out how to leave this ‘mode’. It seems it is not selectedEntity, so I tried trackedEntity, but setting it to undefined does not seem to remove the camera lock?

2 - When the entitiy is a billboard from a CZML and I double click it, is there are reason for the selected billboard orientation behaving a strange way? The orientation seems messed up, the selected billboard will start facing the same direction as the camera, while all other billboards still orient as normal.

Can you post a Sandcastle example of what you’re seeing? Setting ‘viewer.trackedEntity = undefined;’ should programmatically free the camera. As far as from the UI side of things there is a little camera icon on the upper left of that info box that can be toggled on and off for making it the tracked entity.

I’m not really sure what the CZML issue you’re seeing either so can you post an example of that as well?

I too am attempting to solve the same behavior. This behavior can be reproduced by the Sandbox Billboard demo (

Zoom into the billboard and note that mouse movement pans the view’s coordinate. Now double-click on the billboard. Not only does the camera zoom into the billboard location, the camera switches into another mode where mouse movement ROTATES the view about the billboard location. And I am not aware of how that the mouse movement behavior may be reverted (to panning from the standard orthogonal perspective).

How do we undo this? Or how do we prevent it in the first place?

Thank you!

Setting “'viewer.trackedEntity = undefined;” restores the camera behavior. Thank you.

But is there a technique to prevent the automated response to the double-click? I’ve even established a mouse handler to consume that event, but the double-click still performs several seconds’ worth of disorienting zooming before restoring the desired (original) viewpoint. I would like to eliminate this unnecessary display response.


If you add this line after you initialize the Viewer, it will remove the double click handler: