Reference Ion-hosted GLTF in CZML?


Is there a way to reference a Cesium Ion-hosted GLTF model/asset in CZML?
I attempted to solve it using the model’s resource URL as such (see below), however this resulted in an HTTP401 although the Ion.defaultAccessToken is set appropriately for the project.

    "id": "document",
    "name": "Data",
    "version": "1.0"
    "id": "model123",
    "name": "My model",
    "position": { ... },
    "model": {
      "gltf": "{ION_ASSET_ID}/model.glb",
      "scale": 2.0,
      "minimumPixelSize": 128

Similarly, using only the Ion asset ID as a value for the gltf property did not work.
According to the CZML Model spec, the gltf property must be a URI, but I cannot figure out the structure of it.


Is this perhaps not possible? It would be nice not having to store all the models as static assets on the frontend.

Hi @andreasbhansen

Since the ion API requires authorization with a token, it is currently not possible to reference an ion hosted asset in a CZML.

Thanks for the reply. So the Ion access token cannot be appended in any way to the URL pointing to the Ion hosted asset, making it possible to reference it in CZML?