Regarding rendering resolution for custom cameras

Hi, One of our use-cases is to have a stationary camera near an airport runway and another camera attached to the aircraft. Once the aircraft takes off, we want the runway camera to continue rendering tiles independent of where the aircraft is.

I’m using the approach described on this link (Blueprint API for Registering Custom Cameras by nithinp7 · Pull Request #734 · CesiumGS/cesium-unreal · GitHub) to register some custom camera actors with cesium camera manager in order to force render tiles for the field of view of those cameras along with the main aircraft camera. The tiles do render for the custom cameras however the level of detail and resolution seems to reduce significantly as the custom camera moves away from the geo-reference origin and the main game camera. Is there a way to force higher resolution for tiles that are being rendered for those custom cameras as well?

Thank you,

The LOD calculations used by the custom cameras are not any different from the main one. I suspect you’re getting less detail with the custom camera because its viewport is smaller. To get higher detail, just tell the camera manager that your viewport width and height are larger than they really are.