Removing many billboards takes a long time (bug?)

I’ve found that a call to viewer.entities.removeAll() takes over 10 seconds to complete when there are about 30000 or more billboards on the map. This time is longer than it takes to show them in the first place.

Here is a sandcastle to reproduce:

  1. Select “Add billboards” and wait a few seconds to see half the world covered with 180x180 (32400 total) billboards. On my Windows machine, I count about 5 seconds.

  2. Select “Remove billboards” and wait even longer to see the billboards removed. I count about 11 seconds.

I found this issue for performance of removing points, which looks similar. Is billboards performance a dupe of that?

Any advice on workarounds?



Hi Jacob,

This looks like the same issue, unfortunately. The thread on that issue provides a couple of ideas for workarounds – I’d try starting there.

I’ve also linked this post to the issue so that we can notify you when we get around to fixing things.


  • Rachel

Jacob, I just mentioned this on the linked issue, but you might have better luck if you call EntityCollection.suspendEvents() before making big changes like looped add or removeAll.


Thanks for the tip!