Render ImageryLayer over Entities

Greetings all,

Forgive me if this question has been answered already, but I did not see anything like it with my searches today. I have a requirement to visualize some vector data from a client service alongside a set of layers from an ArcGIS server. The kicker is that their use case is centered around seeing the vector data (representing various different effects) in relation to one specific layer from the ArcGIS server. In essence, the vector data represents effects on the assets in the layer from the ImageryProvider, and so the user expects to see the vector data rendered below the assets layer, but above all other overlays that may be rendered on top of the base layer.

I've been able to successfully render the vector data using the Entity API, but I am struggling to get this data to appear anywhere but above all of the layers from the ImageryProvider we're using. Does anyone know of a way to adjust the ordering of how the entities are rendered with respect to the various layers/overlays?

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Hi Brandon,

Right now, vector data is always drawn above imagery. Imagery layers can, of course, be ordered so if you are able to render your vector layers into an image or tiled imagery, you could order the vector layer however you want relative to the imagery layers.

We are working on “vector data on terrain”, which means vector layers clamped to the ground that can be z-ordered. See #2172 and the ground-primitive branch. I expect this work to converge in the next few months. Ordering vector and imagery layers would be the next step, but I don’t have a timeline.