Rendering lots of dynamic data

Hi everyone,

I have a very big dataset of dynamic data (different values over time) to render. Data can be points, lines, or other geometries.

I have thought of a solution to request data which involves tiles and zoom level (clustering is very important here, based on zoom level) because it would be a lot of data to process otherwise.

  • For rendering, would 3d-tiles be the best approach? (Despite of the fact that I won’t be rendering 3d objects, only simple points & lines).

At the same time, I have done some tests based on a Cesium ImageProvider (TMS tiles) and calling Cesium primitives. I have realized Cesium queries for more tiles than really needed for the zoom level.

Thanks in advance!

My impression was that 3D tiles are geared towards static data, but if
there is dynamic way I would be interested too.

Hi Juan,

Like Nils said, 3D Tiles currently does not necessarily support dynamic data, but as Cesium itself is designed with time dynamic data in mind, it is definitely on the roadmap for them in the future.

CZML might be a solution, it’s a format designed for loading time-dynamic geometry in Cesium and is commonly used by developers throughout the forum. It does not inherently have level of detail, but you could manage the entities once the CZML data source is added to the scene. Depending on what kind of geometry you have, a TMS scheme might not be the best solution, but there are other hierarchical data structures more suited for 3D you can take a look at.