Rendering priority of Cesium terrain and Ultra Dynamic Weather System

Use the Cesium plug-in and the Ultra Dynamic Weather System plug-in at the same time in Unreal, run the program, in mid-air, if there is a Cesium terrain behind the cloud, the engine will render the Cesium terrain first, resulting in the effect that part of the cloud disappears, only when Cesium is not loaded When the terrain is used, the clouds of the weather system will be rendered normally.
I guess that the rendering priority of Cesium terrain is higher than that of the weather system, so the Cesium terrain is preferentially rendered, and part of the clouds are blocked and invisible behind the Cesium terrain.

Hi @JoinKemoraOne,

I haven’t used the Ultra Dynamic Weather System plug-in, but you should be able to configure the render priority of its materials. Are the clouds produced by the Ultra Dynamic Weather System using custom depth?

Additionally, can you let me know if this seems to happen on a standard static mesh? (For example, the default Unreal Plane static mesh scaled up very large)


I have found the reason for the disappearance of cloud rendering, need to modify the mode under Volumemetric Clouds, there is a first modification to the second or third.