Right combination for turning off sun-based lighting?

Apologize if this has already been answered.

Goal: I’d like to turn-off the night-time layer completely so that regardless of the sun’s position, the day-imagery source is always turned on.

Problem: I’ve tried several combinations of turning on/off the following CentralBody properties but cannot meet the goal above.


  1. CentralBody.showNight = false; // sun’s position is still computed for lighting but the night-time image source is not used (so it’s black)

  2. CentralBody.showDay = true; CentralBody.showNight = false; CentralBody.affectedByLighting = false; // no night-time position but the globe even day-time imagery is “dark”

  3. CentralBody.nightIntensity = 3.0; // higher value causes night-time layer to become more “blue”

It seems that Example #2 above is the right way to go…but is there any reason the globe appears so dark in this mode?

Thank you!

Hi Chris,

The lighting branch should come into master in the next few hours (or even sooner), where it is always day-time. We actually removed the night-time feature until we can make it production quality with streaming imagery (shouldn’t be too long).

As for (2) in your email, the darkness is due to Bing Maps imagery. In the lighting branch, we adjusted the gamma to make this brighter.



Patrick - Great to hear; I’m currently working with b9 but will upgrade to b11 (or next version) when it’s available. I agree that the night-time feature is really cool but in its current state it can be too overwhelming when trying to plot objects in these darkened zones.

Thanks again. Look forward to the new release.

The plan is to release b11 this Monday, 12/03. You are, of course, welcome to pull from master, which we try to keep very stable.



While we’re on the topic, this was just merged into master a moment ago.