Road API + 3D tiles textures

Dear community,
I have a few questions:

  1. I want to add google traffic layer API (traffic data) on top of cesium. In other words, traffic load based on time using google API. How can I do that? Is there someone who did it?

  2. I want to upgrade the tiles texture, so whenever there is snow it will gain snow, the same about rain. The problem is that I need to modify the textures, which don’t exists in Cesium. Is it possible to do it somehow?

There’s certainly nothing built into Cesium for Unreal to support either of these.

For the first, I imagine you could write custom code to call the Google API, and then programmatically create whatever graphical elements you need to visualize them. The CesiumGeoreference will help you convert longitude/latitude/height to Unreal world coordinates.

For the second, I don’t know what techniques are commonly used to render snow in games, but you can create a custom Material, so that may help: