SAIC Software Engineer - San Diego, CA

Organization Name: SAIC

Job Title: Software Engineer

Job Type: Full-time

Location: San Diego, CA

Mode of Work: Hybrid

Job Description Summary: The StratCap program involves deployment of autonomous unmanned surface vessels (USV’s) to demonstrate an enhanced warfighting capability to disrupt adversary activity in a given maritime region. The program seeks to develop an unmanned, remotely operated, and semi-autonomous USV capable of carrying modular payloads into a contested environment in order to reduce warfighter risk and provide tactical advantage.

The StratCap program is managed by the Unmanned Maritime Systems (UMS) Program Office (PMS-406) within PEO Littoral Combat Ship (LCS), and is supported by NIWC Pacific, Code 564 who provides expertise to the program sponsor in the areas of hardware and software design, development, installation, test and evaluation of various unmanned and autonomous systems.

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