Save geometry from Cesium DrawHelper to PostGIS database as GEOJSON with webservice?

Hello Cesiums,

#1. situation:

I’m creating a geometry drawing system on the globe with geometry objects. I’m using this tool: (It a great tool to draw shape on the globe!)

So now I want to save the geometry of a circle (and other types) into a PostGIS database. I’m using a webservice for this. I want to save the geometry from Cesium in to the POSTGIS database as a GeoJSON text string.

#2. My Question:

How do I convert a Cesium Geometry (circle, polygon, etc) into a GeoJSON? (object on the client… (I’m using jquery / javascript))


We don’t have anything built into Cesium to save a geometry out as a GeoJSON object, you will need to write this code yourself.



Hello Geoneer ,

I want to use from webservice for cesium (), Can you help me? Do you have a tutorial for this? I want to my thesis.

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