Saving geometries drawn using drawhelper

Hi gabby,

I am trying to draw geometries like poly-line, polygon, etc using drawhelper. Till now I am successfully used drawhelper.js file in cesium code and it running properly. Now I want to save that geometries to GeoJson or KML file, but not getting any result from cesium library.

Can you please help me to solve the problem either in cesium or some other source which should be running in cesium.

Hi Mahesh,

If you’re talking about the cesium-drawhelper project, we don’t support that, so I can’t really provide help for you there.

Cesium doesn’t provide any functionality to write back too a GeoJson or KML file. However, you can look at the file format ( and and construct them yourself by iterating through the EntityCollection and grabbing the necessary properties like positions.