screen space rendering


I’m interested in being able to do simple re-color operations to the final canvas output. I noticed the screen space rendering entry on the roadmap. I assume the colorPostFX and depthPostFX branches are related to this. Did these branches get as far as a working example? Is it straightforward to hook into the Cesium render pipeline to do some testing in the short term?


Hi Chris,

Those two branches were a hackathon project that Ian and I did last summer. They are way out of date compared to master, but at least the colorPostFX branch should work. Just run the Skeleton and use the arrow keys. Brightness, contrast, and gamma correction made it into imagery layers in master (but not as a post-process).

I expect it will be at least three months before I am able to focus on the post-processing framework, but if you are up for implementing it (which would be awesome!), I will find a day or two soon to design it so it nicely integrates into our renderer.

Can you share your use cases in more detail?