Depth only SSAO?

Hi! I have seen some mentions about post processing efftort and also some summer projects on implementing SSAO or lens flares for Cesium rendering. Is there any recent version of these effort? Like something to be used againts the Master head? I would be very interested in working on depth only ssao effect…

Found it, I think! This seems to have rather fresh Master merge, I will try this:

This PR has the latest code: That’s targeting the post-processing-1.0 branch.

I’m not sure why it says ‘unknown repository’ for the branch name, but you could look at the code in there.

I managed to make the HBAO work pretty well, I think it is quite nice implementation! There is a bug for iPhone though… it causes lots of banding effect on iPhone6. Funny thing is that iPad works fine! It must be a depth buffer bit depth issue for example? I tried to adjust z-bias but it was not able to cure the problem…

iPhone, when zooming close. Only near objects show the banding… Maybe iPhone has a different depth “curve” like linear vs. logarithmic??

Screenshot 2017-09-25 08.50.51.png

One more note to this one: whole post processing fails on Android-device because it does not support getColorTexture for some reason…

Screenshot 2017-09-25 08.50.51.png