Task force to improve antialias?


Could anyone be interested joint effort in trying to implement webgl2 framebuffer multisampling antialias for Cesium JS? This is a really long time request but I have seen no efforts being made on it in official repo.

Cesium JS currently fails in comparison to visual quality of engines like ThreeJS because of bad antialias quality and this would be a great thing to be fixed in order to produce first class quality out of the engine.

Love the initiative! I’m not a deep 3D / math guy so won’t be much help, apart from cheering, testing and more testing. I’ll keep an eye out for it.



Great to hear from you! I guess any activity from your side as well would help, but it’s true that this is a very advanced tech task as well.

Altough I am not 100% sure about the challenge level yet as I have spent only maybe 4 hours on this. But many things in Cesium nowadays have a bit of package from history already: implementations need 2-3 different branches as there are modes like logarithmicDepth, which might need very different algorithm than linear depth for example.

If one would start this antialias implementation it could make sense to choose only one “rendering path” first to support and try to implement for that. I would choose non-hdr and logarithmicDepth without any postprocess first.