Selecting the date of terrain images

I’m using ‘’ as the terrain provider. Can I select images from a different date? Can I browse the terrain provider’s images on different dates? I ask, because I need images from the winter when there is snow on the mountains.



The terrain provider defines the geometry that makes up mountains and valleys on the globe. It is separate from the imagery that is overlaid onto the globe.

The default imagery on Cesium is BingMaps satellite imagery. You can see the other imagery providers Cesium includes by clicking on the base layer selector button in the toolbar (the one to the left of the question mark).

I think all of these have non-snowy imagery though. You will have to do a search to see if there are any services that host snowy tiles.



Thanks Hanna. Of those 15 imagery providers, BingMaps has the most snow for my area, but it isn't much. I was hoping Cesium had the equivalent of Google Earth's "historical imagery."