Sensors on 2D

A concise explanation of the problem i'm experiencing.

Hi, I'm looking for ways to implement sensors on 2D, so that i can show the occluded region on terrain.
Going through the previous forum feeds found this reply "We will eventually support sensor projects in 2D and Columbus view, but currently they are 3D only."

So, Any updates on sensor projection in 2D?
if yes, suggest the ways to brings down the implementation methods.

The Cesium version i'm using, operating system and browser.

Cesium 1.49, Win 10, google chrome

Can you link to the thread you found that talked about that for context?!searchin/cesium-dev/sensor$202D|sort:date/cesium-dev/ER9dGAJob8o/yNWIS-eJ1zkJ

Ah yes, those sensor plugins haven’t been part of CesiumJS for a long time and aren’t maintained. They’ve moved into a commercial offering and I believe sensors in 2D are supported. Reach out to Tim ( if you’re interested in that.