Set balance between performance & rendering?

Good morning,
I succeed in loading 3D tiles tilesets (Meshs & texture) with CesiumJS.
I notice a “coarse”, “degrated” resolution/rendering in the background. Are there default seted parameters regarding balance between performance & rendering ? If yes, could you tell me which parameters set “level of detail based on location / zoom / scale”?
Thanks a lot.

There are some options in Cesium3DTileset that you can change to improve the rendering quality. The one you are looking for (level of detail based on distance from camera) is dynamicScreenSpaceError. According to the CesiumJS documentation, this option “reduce the screen space error for tiles that are further away from the camera.” On the documentation page for Cesium3DTileset (Cesium3DTileset - Cesium Documentation), you can see an example of common settings for dynamic screen space error:

// Common settings for the dynamicScreenSpaceError optimization
var tileset = scene.primitives.add(new Cesium.Cesium3DTileset({
     url : 'http://localhost:8002/tilesets/Seattle/tileset.json',
     dynamicScreenSpaceError : true,
     dynamicScreenSpaceErrorDensity : 0.00278,
     dynamicScreenSpaceErrorFactor : 4.0,
     dynamicScreenSpaceErrorHeightFalloff : 0.25

You can also use the 3D Tiles Inspector (example) to experiment with the optimization settings to see which combination fit your use case the best!