Set billboard to face the ground

Hello, I'm trying to set the billboard to always face the ground, currently it always faces the camera, is there a way to do this?

Hi there,

What are you trying to accomplish? If the camera isn’t near the ground, the billboard may not be visible or will appear distorted.

You can use a textured polygon instead.


  • Rachel

Hi rachel, I’m displaying an icon of a plane, when looked from above its fine, as if you are looking at a flying plane from above, but looking at it from the side the billboard will follow the camera and it will still look as if you are looking the plane from above.
Is there a way to make the icon face the ground ? so If I look at it directly from the side it will look flat?

I could use a textured polygon, but I might need to render a few hunderds of these and update them every second, polygons cant “update” so I will need to destroy and recreate them, I think this is much more expensive then using a billboard. But I might be wrong.

Hi David,

For your use case, I would consider just using a 3D model rather than texturing a polygon. Cesium can handle quite a lot of models, and you can use instancing if necessary. Take a look at this example:

Hope that helps,

  • Rachel