Set camera position on refresh for tracked entity

Currently I have a project utilizing a tracked entity view on a satellite through 3d space. The camera is then able to be rotated on the entity with the camera position being saved and serialized. When I refresh the web page I am attempting to reload to the previous user set rotated camera position however instead after setting camera position variables to the last serialized camera position the camera still defaults to the default view position is for the ephemeris tracked entity view. How can I override this in order to return to the previous camera position?

Hi @John_Adams,

Welcome to the community! This is a great question. I am not sure if our API provides a quick and easy solution for this use case. One potential workaround would be to save the important Camera attributes (position, rotation, pitch, etc.) on a cloud platform before exiting the application. When the application is restarted, access these attributes from the cloud platform and manually update the Camera object using our API. What are your overall thoughts on this method? I would love to hear some input from the rest of our community!