Set fixed LOD for all Loaded Tiles

Is it possible to set a fixed LOD for all loaded tiles? I am interested in converting the terrain and buildings to static mesh assets, however this only saves what is currently loaded. For large distances (say 10x10 km), I can disable “Enable Frustrum Culling” and situate the viewport camera above the entire region of interest, but the textures and terrain gradually transition to lower LOD’s away from the camera. What I’d like is a snapshot of the entire region at full quality.


You can force all loaded tiles to use higher detail by decreasing the Maximum Screen Space Error parameter in the Level of Detail settings on a 3D Tileset. However, this is not recommended for the purposes of converting tilesets to static meshes. Geospatial and photogrammetry data can get huge very quickly, and you’re likely to encounter significant performance problems when trying to use tilesets as a static mesh - especially when the tiles use a high level of detail.

While we don’t currently support it, we are exploring the possibility of downloading tiles to use offline for situations like this. You can view previous discussion on the topic here.

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Since this comes up as the first hit on google, I wanted to point out that this also works going the other way. I was interested in clamping the max LOD to something lower because I’m making an android VR application and I needed more fps. You can achieve this by increasing the max screen spare error. Thanks @agallegos !

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