How to load maps offline

Did not see the tutorial in this regard

Yes, this… How can we select an area and have that asset in the project? No streaming.

Hello All

As we introduce Cesium for Unreal to the gaming community, we have thought about the workflow for users to be able to download data for offline and/or packaged use. This was one of the points on our blog of things we will explore after launch.

While this feature is not ready yet, we are working on the plan to allow users to be able to download and package data. If you have any insights into how you plan to use downloaded data, that would be great to hear about as it would inform us of the community’s needs.

If you already have local data on your disk, then you can use the file:///C:/..... path in the URL field.

Please chime in with any questions or feedback. We’d love to hear more about your use-cases.

Shehzan Mohammed


Yes it is. I did find the url field, I don’t know what format data is needed. I am new to cesium, I am sorry, I need a simple guide to tell me the format of satellite map, 3D building and other data, and the location to fill in.
Looking forward to your reply

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Same here.

Most of our clients need to store data on premise.
I am sure this is common issue. So I am looking forward to a Packaged dataset download feature. any idea when this will be available?
In the meanwhile I’ll get in touch with the Cesium sales team.

Hello @leielyq,

Cesium for Unreal streams in the 3D Tiles format which was designed for efficient LOD-based streaming of large datasets. You can upload other types of formats to your Cesium Ion account in order to automatically stream them as 3D Tiles later; read about uploading assets to Cesium Ion here.

Hello there,
How to load my own terrain.
Please help me, please! ! !
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Hi @leielyq,

You can upload your terrain data to Cesium ion and then access it from Cesium for Unreal as you would any other asset. There’s a tutorial here, though it starts to become CesiumJS-specific with the “Visualizing” section:


Hello there,
I only want to use it offline.
Please help me, please! ! !
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As Shehzan mentioned above, we’re working on ways to enable Cesium content to be used in offline applications. We don’t have anything to announce yet, though.

Hello there,
What I know, I just want to ask, because the data of 3dtiles can be loaded through file:///, so I try to ask if there is a similar way to load terrain
Please help me, please! ! !
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Loading terrain from a file:// URL is not currently possible, due to Assume terrain tiles are quantized-mesh even if the Content-Type isn't right · Issue #196 · CesiumGS/cesium-native · GitHub. It can be loaded from any web server, though, including one running on localhost.

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That’s not provided by Cesium and I haven’t used it, so I’m afraid I don’t know.


It took some time. How to fill in the url in terrainProvider and imageryProvider on cesium for unreal.
please help me! ! !
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var tms = new Cesium.UrlTemplateImageryProvider({

  url: '{z}/{x}/{reverseY}.jpg',

  fileExtension: 'jpg',

  tileMatrixSetID: "EPSG:4326",

  tilingScheme: new Cesium.GeographicTilingScheme(),

  minimumLevel: 0,

  maximumLevel: 20


var terrainProvider = new Cesium.CesiumTerrainProvider({

  url: 'http://localhost:9000/terrain/6fbf008096a911eb9b177d733b10e3bb'


var viewer = new Cesium.Viewer("root",


    terrainProvider: terrainProvider,

    imageryProvider: tms, baseLayerPicker: false

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Hi @Kevin_Ring,

Does this mean that if I already my own tile server serving custom terrain tiles in Quantized Mesh format that I can add this as a 3D Tiles object in Unreal and it will work? In that case, so I just change the URL to that of the layer.json file in my tile server?

Does this also work for custom imagery layers? I have an imagery layer that corresponds to my terrain tiles in the XYZ format, can this also be brought in as a layer for Cesium for Unreal?

Hi @Colin_Henderson,

Yes that should work for terrain. For imagery, we’re currently missing ActorComponents to directly access TMS or other imagery servers. In the case of TMS, at least, cesium-native already has support, so it’s just a matter of exposing it to Cesium for Unreal and should be very straightforward. We’d welcome a pull request for this if anyone is up for it.


@Kevin_Ring help

Could you tell me where I can find the URL field, did you load local data successfully?

@phantom_R When you select the tileset in the “World Outliner”, then the URL can be entered in the “Cesium” section of the “Details” panel: