Setting luminanceAtZenith value in Cesium3DTileset does not work

var tileset1 = new Cesium.Cesium3DTileset({
url: “http://localhost:8080/data/hebi/tileset.json”,
specularEnvironmentMaps : undefined

Hi @yiwenzhang666999, can you please share a sandcastle example to reproduce the problem or a screenshot of it? For the sandcastle example, you can follow this link for how to do it.

hi BaoTran,this is my example,but i dot konw how to share my test data,If you give me an email, I can send it to you,I learned that when making a Batch 3D Model, by removing the lighting and then customizing a shader, the brightness of the model can be changed. If the lighting is not removed, setting the luminanceAtZenith will work, but I don’t know how to write the shader. The reason for changing the lighting and removing the lighting when making the model is because the effect of the model is better, or whether it can provide tools for making the model. My original data is in osgb format.

You could try converting the OSGB data to OBJ or something else that Cesium ion supports (see and then upload it to Cesium ion to share it (

If you already have a 3D Tileset, you can upload it to Cesium ion directly.

It’s also possible your 3D Tileset isn’t affected by this property if it’s using an unlit material. Can you tell us more about your project or what you’re trying to do?

hi omar,thanks for you advice,I shared my data in the cesium icon. The following is the address. My problem is that my photogrammetry model is too dark. I want to brighten it through the attribute luminanceAtZenith of Cesium3DTileset, but it doesn’t work.

Yeah, your 3D Tileset is using the KHR_materials_unlit extension, which means it will ignore all lighting in the scene. This is why it is not affected by the luminanceAtZenith or the sun’s lighting in general.

hi omar, thank you for your reply, is there any way to deal with this Shadeless (KHR_materials_unlit) materials? Or how to write a shader in cesium to solve this problem

You would need to change the material in your 3D Tiles. There isn’t currently a built-in way to override this in CesiumJS.

hi @omar thanks for you reply,does Cesium provide 3dtiles production tools?

Yeah, you can upload your 3d models to Cesium ion ( to create 3D Tiles.