Setting 'MainCamera'


Is there a way to instruct Cesium what camera to consider the ‘Map Camera’ that is used for calculating culling etc? We have multiple cameras in our scene and currently it is picking the wrong camera. In our particular use-case it doesn’t suit to use the ‘MainCamera’ tag.

Thanks, Jake

We had to write a script that if camera.enabled set tag to “MainCamera” and if disabled set it to “Untagged”.

Thank you @5DRealities for the suggestion. The issue for us is we have another scripts that rely on the ‘MainCamera’ tag and in our use-case it isn’t so suitable for our ‘MapCamera’ to be considered the ‘MainCamera’. We can probably find a workaround but it’ll definitely be welcome that Cesium could support a more explicit way to set what camera is considered by Cesium rather than the blanket ‘MainCamera’ tag.