Several questions about Cesium Capabilities

I am a Masters student at the HS Karlsruhe. I am interested in using Cesium to apply my master thesis titled:
Development of multi-touch 3D web-based dynamic tool for analytical visualization of energy related simulation results and spatio-temporal data, allowing spatial citizenships and data-driven citizen participation approaches and decision making.

1. The aim of the thesis is to deploy hourly and monthly energy related data (heating or cooling need, PV potential, etc.) in the buildings, identify them and view their attributes in 3D buildings and facades. Then conduct statistical and analytical queries; which will aid the understanding and exploration of the results. What services are offered with Cesium that will allow the achievement of these tasks?
2. What are the possibilities to convert Shapefiles and feature classes into a Cesium compatible datatype?
3. What are the possibilities to convert CityGML data into a Cesium compatible datatype?
4. Is it possible to utilize the facades’ identification characteristics of 3D CityGML into Cesium? Or is there another method supported by Cesium to select and identify individual surfaces of buildings and show its attribute data?
5. How feasible is it to build a UI that carries out statistical analysis on-the-fly, in regards of augmented data from several buildings?
6. What are the requirements to connect analytical result tables to geometry CityGML tables that can be visualized into 3D Cesium applications?
7. What are the cartographic abilities that can be utilized to display my data?

Hi there,

We wish you the best with your thesis project! It sounds cool.

  1. Yes, you can load new data at regular intervals. Here’s a data loading example with KML:

To reload data, simply call load again to reread from the file and replace existing data.

  1. We don’t have direct support, but you should be able to convert data to geojson or KML which we do support well.

  2. You’ll want to convert your data to 3d Tiles. Contact us directly for help with 3D Tile conversion. We’re working on an online tool to do this, but we haven’t released it yet. Until then, we may be able to tile your data for you. See here:!topic/cesium-dev/xLkYIuku9hA

  3. Yes! We have a nice demo of CityGML-based data (tiled with our internal tools).

  4. We can definitely support that – the implementation details will depend on what you need to do.

  5. Really depends on what you need to do. Reach out to us with specific questions as you encounter them.

  6. Cesium is very expressive. Check out some of our code examples to see:

I suspect you’ll be most interested in our 3D Tiles examples, which will be released on July 5 with Cesium 1.35. Stay tuned and good luck!

Hope that helps,

  • Rachel

Hey Rachel,
Thank you so much for your reply. I was successful in loading a test data of GeoJson.
one more question please,
is it possible that I edit the infobox context for each individual object selected and add more information, for example, a javascript code that will create a chart by deploying the "numbers" from the attributes?

just to make my question clearer, an example:
If a building has monthly data recordings, I'd use the attributes to create a chart that will visualise the change throughout the month.

Thank you again

Hi there,

Yes! You can alter the description of an entity in the info box using the description property:

Check out the tutorial on the Entity API for more:

Hope that helps,

  • Rachel