Showing Excavated Depths

Is it possible to show excavated depths with cesium? With the current google earth api we are using we cant show parts of our properties that we have excavated to various depths since the map wont allow you to strip away the base image. I am wondering if you can "delete" the ground level image within an area and then upload a KMZ file that goes below this depth to show the excavation. It would be nice since we have very specific depths and excavation methods to stay within certain safety rulings and it would be great to show this to a client without bringing them out to various sites.

Thank you,

Brennan Taylor

This seems to allow you to push tiles up or down which might help.

I wonder if there’s a mechanism that allows you to morph the tile geometry for a specific tile, allowing one to virtual bulldoze an area.

This is exactly what I have been looking for. As long as I can select small enough "tiles" this should be perfect. Thank you so much!

I’m glad it was of use to you! In the example demo it only shows the western hemisphere while the eastern hemisphere is missing. Perhaps something went wrong on an update? Some tile in Sydney Australia should be pushed down in the example upon examining the source.


I’ve updated the path for the blackmarble imagery layer so the demo should now work again. Note that this plugin is a bit behind in Cesium version (1.2). Pull requests are welcome of course!


Thanks for fixing the demo Chris. Since just that 1 tile uses the blackmarble imagery I wonder what was stopping the entire eastern hemisphere from rendering properly.

Is it possible to get this demo working again by updating the path to the blackmarble imagery? It would be great to have an example of terrain excavation working in the latest version of Cesium.