single step cesium (external clock)

We are looking at displaying hardware sensor data on top of Cesium. We need to know if it is possible to manually drive the cesiumjs clock. (pause and still receive websock messages) or alternatively, manually tell the clock to pause, resume.

We also need to get an event when the engine is done with the render update (so we can take 3D measurements).

Is this possible:

I am guessing from the doc above, that I might be able to just turn off and on the animation. and call tick() manually. Do I get a event for the end of tick?


If you are using the animation widget, you can call pause with those code: viewer.animation.viewModel.pauseViewModel.command();

For listening to the clock ticks, clock has an onTick event to which you can subscribe.

For rendering, scene has a postRender event that is triggered after each call to render.

Hope this helps!