Slide globally a terrain tileset of certain distance


I have a terrain tileset that for no clear reason is not perfectly positioned : I have an error in DEM data position of about 150 meters to south east.

Since re-generating this terrain is an heavy work and since there is a "fixed error" i am wondering if there is the possibility to hack the Cesium code to slide all this terrain in the right direction.

Is possible to insert somewhere this 150 meters offset to be applied at all terrain?

Otherwise another possibility is to slide the imagery map (if it is easier!).



Sorry, i said "hack the cesium code", but if there is a normal way as apply some sort of "transformation" to the terrain of course it is better!

I can’t recommend doing this, because I think there’s a lot of metadata baked into the tiles and subsequent calculations based off those that might produce unexpected behavior by overriding it this way. The best way is definitely to re-tile it. There’s no official built-in way to add an offset like that.

If you really want to try this though, you might be able to override the request geometry function in the terrain provider:

To add the offset there.