Slow down skyBox rotation or add background image

thank you for the great app.

I’m using Cesium v.1.22.2.

I have a large clock time interval and clock.multiplier = 50000, the skyBox is rotating very fast.

  1. Is there a way to slow down it’s rotation?

As a workaround I could use background image but scene has only backgroundColor option,

I tried to use CSS background-image with this approach from the topic!topic/cesium-dev/dh3O12530hA, but had to turn off skyAtmosphere and fxaa what doesn’t look good

  1. Is there a way to add scene background image?

Please advice, thanks

Hi Andrii,

The sky box is rotated so that the stars are in their actual positions so it is tied to the animation time. Cesium doesn’t expose a way to rotate it separately, but you could disable it by seting viewer.scene.skyBox to undefined.