Smoothing groups

Is there way to make tileset geometry smooth?

Try opening Cesium’s material “GltfMaterialWithOverlays”, searching the details panel for “tangent”, and disabling “Tangent Space Normal”.

This is not great for everything you might stream with Cesium, but it is somewhat of an improvement for datasets that don’t have vertex normals calculated. Therefore you might be better off saving a copy of Cesium’s material and using it on a case-by-case basis.

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Just wanted to add here that it’s my understanding that if the GLTF being streamed has no vertex normals, Cesium for Unreal generates vertex normals on-the-fly. These vertex normals seem to have no smoothing or averaging implemented.

MVP - it would be great to have an option to disable generating vertex normals (as suggested above).
One step better would be an auto-smooth, based on angles between faces. Even better, if we could get per-vertex attributes, it’d be fantastic to be able to apply vertex normals differently per label (e.g. water gets more smooth than buildings do).