SOCIS Particle System project questions and application

Hello all,
I've already written to mentors of this project, but haven't received any reply. So I'll ask my questions here and hope for a quick reply as deadline is nearing.
First of all, a minor detail that bugged me most: why there's information under "Student Proposals" at that deadline is July 15? I hope that's a misunderstanding and I can still apply.

Second thing: I don't know much Javascript, but learn quickly. My friend suggested using CoffeeScript which seems easier to learn. How is it with You?

Third is result of discussion between me and my demoscene friend: he suggested that I should concentrate at having this particle system generate various effects, I'd spend more time on devising algorithm that won't take much processing power when camera is far from particles (will have to read more on this, thought about some kind of Fibonnacci heap-like structure).

Fourth - last and most important - question is: when do you expect first results? I'll be outside my country until 20th and until have my contact with you will be limited. I'll spend this time learning Javascript. Does it make great hindrance to my chances of receiving this project?

About me:
I'm 2nd year student at Computer Science Institute, University of Wroclaw, Poland. I have top grades and already completed already completed most difficult courses needed for Bachelor's title. Most of them on Master's level.
My professional interests are computer graphics and networking. Non-professional include windsurfing, yachting and several others.
My code repository is at

Why this project?
As stated previously, I'm interested in computer graphics. My friend almost talked me into spending rest of this holiday writing demo.
- In case you are not familiar with this term, demos are non-interactive presentations, written under some quite harsh restrictions about amount of code. Although there are some on youtube, their quality is low and generally you need to download one to really appreciate it. -
Back to topic: I got really excited when I read about Cesium and this project. It really nicely fits in my general interests and skills. As a bonus, there's cash to show my friends who spend whole vacations in some company getting more and more bored. Even more, that could be something to be proud of.

Related experience.
Computer Graphics course at my University, which was really introduction to OpenGL, both old and new. As a project I wrote simple Earth simulator (uses earth height maps to render terrain, with texture over it). link:
Interactive Applications in Python course - python seems deceivingly similar to javascript and I took part in writing a game as a final project. We tried hard to create good looking game, so there was a particle system like this you need. Unfortunately, I lost link to its code repository, but I'll post it as soon as I get in touch my friend with whom I wrote it.
Algorithms and Data Structures course (on Master's level) - on this course I wrote implementations of various algorithms of medium difficulty and had to create some.
I hope it shows I may be a good choice for this particular project.

Hi Lukasz,

I can answer some of your questions—

The deadline listed on the GitHub wiki was outdated due to a delay in the SOCIS application process—I’ve updated it with the new August 4th date. Thanks for bringing that to our attention.

We prefer JavaScript over CofeeScript. Based on your listed experience, it seems like there should not be too much of a learning curve for you.
There are some resources for learning JavaScript listed on our Recommended Reading page (

Since coding starts on August 10th and final submissions are due in November, having limited contact for the first 10 days should not hinder your application.

Best Regards,

Thanks for the answer, I’ll start catching up on reading right away.

I’ve read Pro Git and JS - the Good parts, skimmed over Elements of Style. Do you have any info regarding application status? Lists were supposed to be posted on 10th.

Hi Lukasz,

We have not received any confirmation of final student pairings from SOCIS yet. Last we heard, there were still several mentoring organizations who had yet to submit their student rankings. As soon as we know, we’ll be sure to make an announcement here and on the Cesium blog.

Thanks for your patience,


Thanks for info. Anyway, today I took a look at SOCIS mailing list (should’ve done it earlier, but being in foreign country as a student makes it quite hard to access the internet every day, especially being on boat) and there seem to be many issues concerning applications. Just to be sure: you did receive my application?

Yes, we did.