some 3d doubts

my name is Pol Carrera.

I write this email in the context of some doubts that have arisen during the realization of the professional practices of the master's degree in geo-information that I am studying at the UAB (Autonomous University of Barcelona).

I am trying to build a web map that includes a 3D model made before practices. This model, originally in WRL format, has been exported to 3DS and finally to ESRI Multipatch to be able to work with ArcMap. The problem I have is that I have not found the API or library that allows me to work in this format. Well, I have seen that with the ESRI JavaScript API I could upload the multipatch in the form of layerscene, but before I have uploaded the scene to ArcGis Online or ArcGis Server, which I can not do.

What role could Cesium.js have in this? Would it be a useful tool, in my case? I basically try to build a web map with the help of APIs and libraries, being able to incorporate this 3D model that I have already themeed with ArcMap. I am a little bit offended, I do not find much information and my knowledge in web mapping is basic, and my knowledge of 3d ... very basic.

I suppose it is not a regular request, but given the lack of information on the subject, I would greatly appreciate some tips, sources of information or procedures.

Very grateful,

Hi Pol,

CesiumJS is a platform for creating web-based 3D maps, so it’s well-suited for that purpose.

While Cesium supports ArcGis imagery directly, it does not support ArcGIS 3D file formats. 3D Tiles is the 3D format that would be best in this case. We may offer some support for converting your data to that format if you reach out to



Hello Gaby,

Thank you for responding so quickly. We will definitely send an email to the address you provided me. I’m stuck and I do not get a satisfactory result, for now.

Thank you very much.