Data formats supported in cesium js

I am new to cesium js. I go through the docs available on the official site as a beginner. It will be helpful to know more about the data formats that are supported by cesium js.

Following are some hints for areas of clarifications needed

Can we upload a GeoJson file and get an asset of type imagery?

Is there any pros in uploading data of type COLLADA (.dae) and getting 3D tile over CityGML (.citygml, .xml, .gml) and getting 3D tile?

What type of data format should I use to tile a heightmap in cesium in an optimized way?

Hi Ancy,

Welcome to the Cesium Community!

Thank you for the provided suggestions. For the first question, you can find the answer by visiting the Supported Formats page:

For the other two inquiries, we do not have clear answers for them on our website. We will bring your suggestions to our website team.

Dzung Nguyen
Cesium Staff

Hi Dzung,
Thanks for your response. Expecting the answers to the other two will get on the website soon.